What is permaculture?

Discover permaculture in Pontorson | La Vieille Foulonnière

Originally, permaculture (permanent agriculture) is a method of cultivation & market gardening inspired by nature and aiming to recreate resilient and autonomous ecosystems, where our modern system tends to control & limit natural spaces. Today, this concept, formalised in Australia in the 1970's, has expanded to include a global vision of autonomous living close to nature: Taking care of nature, taking care of people & redistributing surpluses is one of the golden rules of permaculture.

Thus, the Vieille Foulonnière is being reinvented as a haven of biodiversity and a complete, self-sustaining ecosystem. In the garden, a nourishing forest, a vegetable garden, a micro-farm and a mandala garden are being created and there is no shortage of projects. In the house, we value homemade products, respect for the local environment and do everything possible to reduce the environmental impact of our daily life.
Permaculture in Normandy | La Vieille Foulonnière

If you want to go green for a weekend, learn more about permaculture, fruit and vegetable combinations in the garden or discover how to make ivy lye, come and spend a weekend at La Vieille Foulonnière and I'll be delighted to share my experiences with you. You can also take part in the garden activities if you wish